Escape Room
The Revolution of Bats

A blind escape room for 2–5 people and medium-high difficulty. Also available in English.

A more than a century-long nuclear winter has forced the inhabitants of Madrid to live underground in the subway tunnels, now renamed ‘La Madriguera’ (The Warren). The high command of the new state exerts power on citizens by turning light into the scarcest, most precious commodity. So much so, that some people have undergone a genetic mutation and are losing their eyesight while their other senses are increasingly developing. They are called Bats and, to put an end to tyranny, are willing to let themselves get caught so they can access the command station post.

This is close to a suicide mission since only those sentenced to death are taken into this prison an hour before execution. This is all the time the Bats have to get away from the dungeons, sneak into the Commander’s office and get the necessary information to overthrow the government.

The Darkest Room


The subject matter isn’t horror, yet this escape game is not advisable for people having heart problems or fear of the dark.

Recommended number of players:

An escape room for 2 people must be doable and this is so; yet to finish in time, both of them need to be very active and have a good level or performance.

In this escape room, 3 people is a good number to cooperate, provided none of them is very inactive.

This escape room is ideal for 4 people since this number allows for all members not to be at the highest/top level all the time.

In this escape room, 5 people is the maximum allowed and a perfect number to succeed, even if not all members on the team aren’t high level.

The Darkest Room